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More Intersting Event Filled Sites

Highclere Castle
Home of Lord Caernarvon, founder of Tuthan Khamoun.

Thruxton Race Circuit
All the thrills and spills of motor-racing, Thruxton hosts many events throughout the year.
They now have an excellant new web site detailing all their events and activities at www.barc.net
A Drivers Dream
Ever thought yourself to be a better driver than 'Shummi'? Now you can put yourself to the test!
Sign yourself up in expert hands at the Ian Taylor racing school.All details can be obtained at www.iantaylor.co.uk
Salisbury/Newbury Races
For those of you who prefer racing of the four leeged variety, Both Salisbury and Newbury schedule regular race meetings.Check out their individual sites for details or alternativley go to the British Horseracing Boards site at www.bhb.co.uk
Andover is lucky in that it has a branch of the Ramblers Association. Organized walks to varied and interesting sites both far and near.
You can contact our local branch via the link from the Ramblers home page at www.ramblers.org.uk.
Amport Cricket Club
Amports cricket ground is an ideal setting for a relaxing weekends village cricket viewing.See the stars of tomorrow today.Whilst Amport cannot always guarantee a win, regardless of the result you are always welcome to join them in their aftermatch semblance at the local Inn.
Village History
A fine way to delve into the history of an area is to visit its local church. Each of the four parishes of Monxton,Amport,Grateley and Quarley have fine examples of church design through the ages. Please view the Hampshire County Councils local pages web site where they have an excellant 'treasures' section on all the parishes.
H.M.S. Victory
King Arthurs Round Table
Winchester Cathedral